6.17.13 Poetry Prompt

Yesterday I wanted to
after Robert Creeley’s “For Love”

wake up at dawn

and watch the sun skim
the surface of treetops
in your forest.

I could have slept in
your bed like it was my
own, could have woken
up to an open window,

the scent of spring air
stirring the steam
from your cup of coffee,
that habit-forming obsession
so much your own,

as you are my own. Instead,
we steal kisses in backseats,
or between the sheets
on otherwise lonely nights.

And I wake up alone, always
young and in what feels
like something in bloom.
The morning sun eyes me, but
it’s never as nice as the moonlight.

“Write a poem that has the same first line as another poem. You can use a favorite poem, pick up a random book of poetry and get a first line that way….” Or you could try using the first line as your title.

Source: NaPoWriMo


Photo by David Leggett, Creative Commons via Flickr.

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